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Temporary parcours

From March 14th to August 17th, 2014

A whole world beneath the sea

Protists © OOV / C.Sardet

Protists © OOV / C.Sardet

What can we see and understand beneath the surface of the water in the Mediterranean Sea? We can read the results of the long history of our planet: of geography, the evolution of species, the shaping of the current underwater landscape – and the consequences of the critical problems of our recent history: global warming, pollution, biodiversity, etc. 

A whole world beneath the sea, but this world is not disconnected from our terrestrial world. On the contrary, it is a direct consequence: what mankind does on land inevitably ends up in the sea. 


A whole world beneath the sea is presented as a big Game of the Goose or rather as a game of the grouper: 63 spaces to represent the richness and the diversity of possible approaches to the Mediterranean. A Game of the Goose is also a way of tracing more specific itineraries according to the main interests of each group of visitors. We have marked out itineraries for children of all ages who will come to discover the sea that they will some day be responsible for. The youngest will be guided in this journey of discovery by Arthur the grouper who will be waiting for them in specific spaces, on a screen placed at their height to make the content accessible and appealing.

This new exhibition parcours invites you to discover, to reflect, to become aware, to daydream, but we also invite you to set sail and drift across all the beauty of the sea.

Alain Bergala

The narrator

Alain Bergala is the narrator of this project. He is a French film critic, essayist, scriptwriter and film-maker. He is a former writer for Cahiers du cinéma, a specialist on Jean-Luc Godard’s work, he teaches at the Sorbonne and at FEMIS, the national French film school. Alain Bergala is also a curator, particularly of Correspondances : Kiarostami Erice at the Centre Pompidou (2007), Brune, Blonde (2011) and of Pasolini Roma (2013) at the Cinémathèque française.